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Top 5 Tuesday : Top 5 new to me authors in 2017

I learnt about Top 5 Tuesday through Bookchanted , a wonderful blogger who writes about all sorts of interesting things. Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly topic hosted by Bionic Book Worm. For a list of her December topics, go here.


I don’t think I’ve, read any new authors this year, however by starting my bookstagram I’ve heard of so many new authors. Here are the top five authors I’ve heard about and their books I’m dying to read!

1. Jay Kristoff

First of all, Jay Kristoff is Australian! Australian’s represent!

Second of all, an Australian who writes fantasy???? That is such a rare occurrence here, you have no idea. Australia like to publish more realistic stories. So as soon as I saw these two facts I was hooked.

Then I saw, his books, read the blurbs, I knew I had to get my hands on them, especially …..

Image result for nevernight book cover


I’ve heard so many good things, from this author and this book. And funnily enough I’ve already met him, at a writer’s festival in Perth. So he’s high on my TBR.

2. Garth Nix

Once again Aussie, once again fantasy, once again someone I’ve met.

I saw him at the same festival I saw Kristoff at, they were on the same panel, and they were so funny! I’ve heard many good things about his Old Kingdom series, and I actually already own one of his books.

Image result for sabriel book cover

Just that line She walks in death with sword and bells has you hooked, right?

I need to read this, end of story.

3. Leigh Bardugo

I think it’s hard to be on bookstagram and not hear about Leigh Bardugo. I’ve seen her books everywhere, I’ve heard people hype her up everywhere. Now I don’t want to let the hype get to me, but I’ve read the plot to Six of Crows and I must say, I’m intrigued.

Image result for six of crows book cover


I mean a heist? Criminals? Antiheroes? What isn’t to love. And I just need to know who this bloody Kaz is that everyone is talking about!

So yes, Bardugo is on my list.

4. Maggie Stiefvater

I’ve seen this book just about everywhere …

Image result for raven boys book cover

The Raven Boys …

Just the title is alluring.

I must admit, while I had seen this book everywhere, read about the boys everywhere, I’ve only recently read the blurb. It was so not what I thought it would be.

But you know what? That’s drawn me in more.

I thought it was some high fantasy epic things, but it seems almost normal …..

I guess I’ll have to read it to find out. I can’t wait.

5. Jane Austen

Now not that Austen is new, I’ve known her like my whole life, and my best friend speaks of her constantly. But only recently have I decided I’m going to give her a go. I bought two of her books this year.

Image result for pride and prejudice book coverImage result for emma book cover

Pride and Prejudice, because it’s a classic story and I think for my first time reading a classic I need something I know. And Emma, because that’s my best-friend’s favourite Austen.

The only problem is … I have so many fantasy to read! When will I find the time for classics??


Anyway, I’d love to hear of new authors you found this year. Are they the same as mine? Different? Let me know.


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