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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Books I want for Christmas

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I’m going to keep this short and sweet because Christmas is almost here and I have so much to wrap and cook and read, just to name a few things! But if I got any of these books, I’d be so so so so happy.

  1. Nevernight

    Image result for nevernight book cover


As I’ve said before, I need to read this story. It’s by an Australian fantasy author, which is a rare occurrence, and the plot sounds absolutely amazing. Can I have it please?

2. The Raven Boys

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I need to read this, I need to know what the hype is. I just hope it doesn’t fall flat.

3. Strange the Dreamer

Image result for strange the dreamer book series

I’m not even going to lie, I want this purely for it’s beautiful cover. But I have heard good things, so maybe the inside is just as pretty as the outside.

4. Caraval

Image result for caraval book coverI love books set in carnival style settings. It just adds another magical element. And when you don’t know if things are really happening or not …. that mental game … Yeah I need this.

5.  The Way of Kings Part 2

Image result for way of kings part  2book cover

It’s Brandon Sanderson. Need more be said?

I’m going to read Part One soon, and then I’ll need part Two, because I can’t have a Sanderson hangover.


So those are the books I’m dying to own. Which ones do you need in your life?


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