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How to Make : A Gingerbread Tardis

So I know this is a little late for Christmas, but I didn’t decide to make it until two days before Christmas, and then I haven’t blogged in a while, so …..

Anyway, it’ll be good inspiration for your gingerbread creations next Christmas!!!


Now I’m not claiming to be a gingerbread expert. I’m far from it. And I most definitely encountered difficulties while making this Tardis, making me reconsider my gingerbread making choices. But I did have heaps of fun!!! And if you don’t mind my slightly lopsided Tardis looking gingerbread creation, keep reading, because I’ll tell you how I made it!

Step 1:

Make and cut your gingerbread to shape. Ok, I cheated and bought my gingerbread and then cut it to shape. But same same right?

You need four sides, a roof, and I also made a square slightly smaller than the roof where the light sits.


Step 2:

Colour your pieces blue!

You need the blue or else it’s not a Tardis, am I right?

So I melted blue candy melts, but they weren’t the right blue. So I used blue food colouring to darken it up. Which then made the candy melts stiff, so I added some milk to make it liquid again. Too hard? You could always make blue icing.

I then spread the candy melts across the pieces, covering each face completely. To make it smooth, I dipped my knife in hot water and ran it across the blue candy melts, melting it further.

Let the pieces dry and harden up.


Step 3:

Assemble your Tardis.

Once again I cheated and bought the royal icing, but you can make it yourself. It’s not hard, the recipe is on the internet. I just got lazy and it came with my gingerbread.

Stick the walls together first. I put the two short walls within the two longer ones to make the Tardis square. You might need help. I roped my very loving and definitely not coerced little brother into helping. Once they are firmly stuck together, ice the roof and stick that on, with the smaller square for the light on top of the roof.

Let it set.

(Note: I also iced the sides again because some of the gingerbread was showing and I wanted to hide that.)

tardis stucktardis-together.jpg

Step 4:

Add the window panels.

I bought ready made fondant and rolled that out. I then cut out 8 squares and stuck them onto the Tardis with some soft icing. Water or milk would probably work just as well. I then used writing icing (also store bought) to draw lines on the windows and make them more ‘window like’.

tardis unfinished

Step 5:

I planned to also use the fondant for the panels in the door. I added blue food colouring to the fondant but I added so much it just went wet and slimy and not usable. I then tried sticking the fondant to the Tardis white and then painting it blue with my candy melts. They were too heavy and fell off.

So in the end I just carved them into the Tardis with a toothpick. In retrospect I should have made my own blue fondant and used that, but hey, what can you do?

(Note: I also should have put another row of columns, I have the wrong amount.)

Step 6:

The finishing touches!

The light is just a little sugary ball you can buy at the shops in bags for decorating. I stuck this on with some icing. I then made it a little festive by placing lights all around the top edge of the Tardis.

For the final police box touches, I just printed out the Police Box sign and the little notice that goes on the front door and stuck them on with icing.














And TADA! You’re finished. You are ready to be the envy of every Whovian with this gingerbread Tardis.


Enjoy making this next Christmas. Or better yet, who said gingerbread was only for Christmas time? Make it today.


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